Winter Handicap - Results!

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Dear All

First Handicap of the year last night and we may well have had a record entry. It certainly felt like it when we were entering all the names and handicaps!! Well done all who entered, I hope you enjoyed it. We will be adjusting handicaps for the next month’s race as there was an element of panic estimation for some of you!!

Huge thanks to Graham Taylor, Martin Crayton and Brian James for their officiating skills and to Gail Wilson, Bob Feltham and Andy Hales for marshalling the course and of course Elizabeth for the supper which was delicious as ever, along with Alan Waring – he wasn’t delicious – just helpful!

If anyone has noticed any errors in recording please let me know. I DONT want to know any opinions on handicaps.  Any received may be fined 30 seconds!!! (I like this power Mr. Barron has given me.)

Next handicap will be Thursday 25th October.

John Jelly

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