Weekly Training w/c 13 Aug

Tuesday August 14th Brian's walking group Elizabeth's Slower Slow group Janet's group: In August we will be doing routes of around 6 miles - sometimes just under and sometimes just over, depending on how we feel! Gail's group: Dave's group: Glenn’s not quite as quick as Nick’s group Nick's group: Meet at Ranmore Car Park at 7pm. Nick is away on holiday but a leader for the group will be advised on the night Thursday August 16th Brian's group: meet at Pixham club house at 7pm. This will be the same every week until the winter sessions start. Dave's group: Rumours abound of an intermediate track training session to be run by the Prof. This may just be FAKE NEWS from the "enemies of the people" but hopefully not! Nick's group: Meeting at Pixham Sports Ground at 7pm for a session to improve speed / speed endurance. All abilities

For next week, please assume the training plans for next week remain the same unless you hear anything different in the interim 

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