Weekly Training Plans - w/c 7th May

Tuesday May 8th A range of groups at Ranmore – departing 7pm: Brian’s Walking Group Elizabeth's Slower Slow Group Janet’s group Meet at Ranmore just before 7pm. The group will be taken by various people on various routes and distances. Always undulating! The plan, as usual, is to gradually increase the mileage (and consequently time out!) to be ready for the Friday Street run in mid-June (9 miles) and also the Club organised Bench to Bench run (11 miles - with options to run shorter distances): · May - 6 to 7 miles · June - 6 to 8 miles and a run of 9 miles to Friday Street (probable June 19th - date to be confirmed). Bench to Bench (probably June 26th - date to be confirmed) · August - 6 to 7 miles · Sept - 5 miles Gail’s group Meeting at Ranmore 6-7 mile run. Undulating run, as usual Dave’s group Dave is unavailable during May so one of his erstwhile stand-ins will lead the run Nick’s group Meet at Ranmore Car Park for an 8 to 9 mile run. This will include some speed work & is best suited for runners who can comfortably do 8 min miling. Thursday May 10th Brian's Group Meet at Pixham club house at 7:00. This will be the same every week until the winter sessions start. Everyone welcome to join in. Nick’s group Meet at Pixham Sports Ground at 7pm for a Track session to improve speed / speed endurance. All abilities welcome 

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