Weekly Training Plans w/c 21st May - Please Read - Change of Venue!

Tuesday 22nd May

Due to a group of travellers invading Steers Field on Ranmore our club runs will start from Denbies Vineyard.

  • Denbies have been good enough to accommodate us despite having a big event taking place.

  • Please park your car in the first parking area on the right as you approach the main building. We will try to have a marshal present to direct you.

  • Please arrive on time as usual although we may delay the starts slightly to allow anyone who does not receive this email time to get from Ranmore to Denbies – I will be at Ranmore to direct lost sheep accordingly. On that note, John J has asked if anyone has contact details for the new guy Paul who has been running in his/ Glenn’s new group so we can let him know.

The groups as normal are:

Nick’s group

Meet for an 8- to 9-mile run. This will include some speed endurance work & is best suited for runners who can comfortably do 8-min miling

John’s group

A 7-mile XC run from Denbies

Dave’s group

Hopefully being led by Gill or Kevin

Gail’s group

For this week we'll be starting a 7.5 mile trail run from Denbies

Janet’s group

A 6-mile run from Denbies up to Ranmore and back

Elizabeth’s slower slow group

Brian’s walking group

Thursday May 24th

Brian's Group

Meet at Pixham club house at 7pm. This will be the same every week until the winter sessions start.

Everyone is welcome to join in.

Nick’s group

Meet at Pixham Sports Ground at 7pm for a Track session to improve speed / speed endurance.

All abilities welcome

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