Volunteers Required for Track Painting!

As we are approaching the start of the track season, the grass track at Pixham Lane is shortly going to be marked out.

This means that I am looking for volunteers to repaint the track on a weekly basis. This will need to be done each and every week for the next 5 months (May - September).

  • Track painting typically takes between 1 and 1.5 hours and is done on a Thursday before 7pm (start of adult sessions).

  • DMV AC are willing to reimburse club members who repaint the track, £10 for each individual week done.

  • Please note, the same person(s) is/are not expected to paint the track every week.

  • CLICK HERE for my 'How to Guide' for Track Painting which contains all information about track painting

This year I am using an online service to manage volunteers. In order to volunteer to paint the track you will need to complete a brief signup form before you are able to select the date(s) that you can volunteer for. The system allows you to signup for as many weeks as you like, and if you are unable to do it, will also allow you to remove yourself from a role.

On the signup sheet, there is a secondary 'backup' role listed, with the main purpose of ensuring the track is actually repainted on a weekly basis.

To volunteer, please signup using this link: http://signup.com/go/rPxGtoU

If you have any questions, please email me at: flagbeargateway@gmail.com

Please note that failure to repaint the track each week means that it can fade rapidly, making it harder to see the lines when training. This also has a knock on effect for repainting the track the following week, as the time taken to repaint the track is at least doubled due to difficulties in finding the lines.

Thank you for your help with this,

Oliver Appleby

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