Tuesday Evening Training. (KNOLL ROAD) 30/01/2018 7pm, ALL WELCOME – Howard’s Group

Well done al those who were out last Tuesday for the sprint session. This week is going to be more strength and stamina training, with a Kenyan Hills session. Yes once again back to the heat of the African Rift Valley, localy known a Knoll Road, (Which runs from Flint Hill up to the Nower.) which is where we will be for this weeks training. We will as usual be meeting at Ashcombe School gates for 7pm from where we will jog to Knoll road. We will be back a little later than usual, back at the school for 8.15pm. Although there is forecast some rain in the afternoon it predicted to have cleared up by early evening and be a dry, mild cloudy evening. Perfect for training!! As always all standards of runner are welcome to join us.

This weeks training session-

1.Easy warm up jog from Ashcombe School to Knoll Road.

2.Dynamic Stretching.

3 Handicapped Kenyan Hills - 15 mins Continuous Running. (Strength/ endurance.) - Everyone starts off together at the foot of the slope and runs up the hill. If you are one of the fastest runners you will go all the way to the top before turning round. For the rest, where ever you are on the way up, when the first runners passes you on their way back down becomes your turn round point, and remains so for the rest of the exercise.

4. Rats and Rabbits - (This is speed reaction game) Get any partner, and stand back to back about 1 meter apart. One person is the Rat, the other the Rabbit. If ‘Rats’ are called, the rat has to run hard about 10 metres. The person who is the Rabbit at the same time ‘Rat’ is called has to turn round and try to lightly touch there partner before they cover the 10 metre to get away. Equally the instruction ‘Rabbits’ may be given in which case the person who is the rabbit will run hard to try to cover the 10 metres, while at the same time the person who is the rat has to turn round and give chase, again trying to lightly touch their partner before they cover the 10 meters and are safe. (you have to listen intently as you do not know if I will call ‘Rat’ or ‘Rabbit.’) We will do this 8 times changing partner after 4 goes.

5. One final sprint up to brow of hill.

6. Cool down jog back to Ashcombe School for 8.15pm



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