Training with Howard - Today!

Tuesday 13/03/18 Howard’s Group – Training at Curtis Road. All standards Welcome

Well done once again to all those who took part in last Tuesdays session at Rose Hill. This Tuesday we will as always meet at Ashcombe School for 7pm from where we will jog round the corner to Curtis Road. (The one with Champions wood yard). This week’s session is focused more towards your individual speed endurance. The session is open to all abilities. We base ourselves at Curtis road, so no one gets left behind, and the session is planned so that regardless of how fast or slow you are, you should get a good workout. We will be back at Ashcombe School for 8pm.

The Session this week.

Jog to Curtis Road.

Dynamic Stretching

Plymetric game.


From start point, run down Curtis Road as far as you can in 1 minute. On the minute you will be called to immediately turn round. You will then have 1 minute to try to get back, to the start.

Two minutes recovery.

The exercise is repeated, again running out for one minute but trying to get a bit further than you did on the first minute running out. Again immediately turn round and head straight back to the start, trying to get their within the minute.

Two minutes recovery.

The next set is the same principle, but this time you run out from the start down Curtis Road for 15 seconds. . Turn round and then you have 15 seconds to get back to the start.

30 seconds recovery.

Repeat this once more but trying to get a bit further in the 15 seconds.

The 3rd set is from the start for 45 seconds, Immediate turn round then 45 seconds to get back to the start. 90 seconds recovery. Repeat once more.

The 4th and final set is 30 seconds out from the start. Immediately turn round. Then 30 seconds to get back to the start. 1 minute rest. Repeat once more.

Cool Down - Easy jog back to Ashcombe School.


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