Training Week, starting 2nd Jan


This week's training is as follows:-



Meet at Ashcombe at 7:00pm

Don't forget to bring a head torch


Meet at Ashcombe at 7:00pm


Hope you had a good holiday time, now it is back to the serious matter of New Years training. As usual we meet at the gates of Ashcombe School for 7pm. Or alternatively, running late etc you can meet directly at the venue which this week is Rose Hill. (The sheep field in the middle of Dorking with the road running round it, at the back of Sainsburys) We remain at this venue so whatever your fitness no one will be left behind. The temperature for the evening is forecast for 9 degrees (Positively tropical!) with the possibility of some light rain towards the end of the session. We will be returning back to Ashcombe School for 8.10pm

The Session -

1.Dynamic Stretching.

2. Warm Up with - 10 mins Back to Back round the loop. - (This is with any partner. You start back to back running in the opposite direction round the loop. The person running anti clockwise runs hard, while the one running clockwise jogs at recovery pace. When you meet you both turn round 180 degrees, so the person running anti clockwise hard has now turned back the way they have just come and jogs at recovery pace, while the athlete who has been jogging has also turned back the way they have just come from but is now running hard until they once again meet their partner:)

3. Intervals. (12 minutes.) In this session you have a minute to reach a certain point around the loop of Rose Hill. This will include any recover before the whistle goes again for the next minute, when you have to make it to the next set point. There is two options regarding the points to run to. For the faster runner there will only be 2 points, so they will effectively complete each lap in 2 minutes. As we are doing this exercise for 12 minutes they will cover 6 circuits of Rose Hill in the time. The second option is the 3 stop strategy. This group will effectively cover a lop of Rose Hill in 3 minutes. This group will complete 4 laps. Or you can mix and match, depending on how you feel. The idea is to run hard between the points to give as long a recover before having to run hard again. If you feel you need more recovery just miss a lap and rejoin next time round.

4. Bamboo Cane Sprint Tactics. Pair up with any partner, taking a bamboo cane between you. Each of you holds one end of the cane down to the side, and running behind each other up a 100metre course. The person at the back can let go of the cane at any time, but when they do from that point it is a sprint to the finish line. The person at the front when they feel the cane dropping can also let go, allowing it to fall to the ground, while trying to hold off the attack from behind. Repeat 4 times with different partners ensuring 2 times holding cane in front, 2 times holding cane from behind.

Cool Down jog back to Ashcombe School for 8.10pm finish.




Meet at Pixham at 7:00pm

Warm up jog to Rosehill.

Those going direct from home to Rosehill warm up before we start the session.

Everyone welcome.

NICK'S GROUP Meet at Pixham sports ground at 7:00pm An easier session to help you burn off the Christmas excess.

  • Running warm up to Parkway for dynamic stretching

  • Main session

  • Jog warm down back to Pixham


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