Training Week AND Supper!

THURS 14th DEC FESTIVE SUPPER - Don't forget that Elizabeth Horner will be providing her usual festive supper this Thursday 14th, so if you are planning to come to eat and join in the festivities after the run, then please let her have your menu choice by midday tomorrow Tuesday 12th December - Please reply direct to Elizabeth ( Celery and White Stilton Soup Winter Spice Beef and Chestnut Casserole with Creamy Mashed Potatoes OR Butternut Squash, Spinach and Mushroom Festive Pie with Dauphinoise Potatoes Selection of Cheeses, mince pies, stollen and fruit. Mulled wine. Unlimited drinks!!!! Cost £8 per head _________________________________________________________________________________________ TUES 12th DEC Training with Howard Meet at Ashcombe at 7pm Well done to those of you who did last Tuesday evening’s session. This week we will be transported from the cold and wet of Dorking to the warmth of the Kenyan Rift Valley for a Kenyan hill session! Meeting at Ashcombe School gates for 7pm from where we will warm up jog to Harrowlands. (The road leading to Dorking Hospital). This is where we will base ourselves for the session. Back for 8.15pm. As always All Are Welcome- the training is for anyone and everyone. This weeks session. Warm up jog to Harrowlands, which is the road close to the Dorking Hospital. 1.Dynamic Stretching. 2.Plyometrics – Sponge tag game. For this exercise one person starts off with the sponge which they use to tag other athletes by throwing it at their legs. When hit below the waist with the sponge you join that team who can pass the sponge among each other to tag. Everyone else is trying to avoid being tagged by the sponge, but must remain the set area,( about 20 metres square.) For first 15 seconds all are hopping on the left leg, next 15 seconds hopping on right leg. Then 15 seconds of bunny hops, followed by 1 minute skipping . Then 30 seconds of running. If anyone still remains untagged we go back to the hopping left leg 15 secs, then right leg 15 secs etc... 3 Handicapped Kenyan Hills - 12 mins Continuous Running. (Strength/ endurance.) - Everyone starts off together at the foot of the slope and runs up the hill. If you are one of the fastest runners you will go all the way to the top before turning round. For the rest, where ever you are on the way up, when the first runners passes you on their way back down becomes your turn round point, and remains so for the rest of the exercise. 4.. Intervals Pyramid. – Go full effort from foot of hill to first lamp post. Then walk back to start recovering. Go full pace 2 lamp posts from foot of hill. Walk/jog back to start. Go full pace to mini roundabout , going round it continuing at full effort back down to the start. Go full pace 3 lamp posts from foot of hill. Walk/jog back to start. Go full pace 4 lamp posts from foot of hill. Walk/jog back to start. Go full pace 5 lamp posts from foot of hill. Walk/jog back to start. Go full pace to top of hill. Walk/jog back to start. Jog back to Ashcombe school for 8.15pm.

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