Training w/c 27 Aug - All are Welcome

Tuesday August 28th Brian's walking group Elizabeth's Slower Slow group - will be led by Kelly Janet's group: For the remaining few weeks on Ranmore we will be doing routes of around 5 - 5.5 miles to make sure we are back before dark! Gail's group: A 5.5 miler for the group this week. Bring head-torches just in case the end of the run through the trees gets a little dark Dave's group: Glenn’s not quite as quick as Nick’s group Nick's group: Due to Nick's injuries & limited fitness his Tuesday Group has now stopped & the runners have switched to either Glenn's Group or the faster Group which has various leaders. Thursday August 30th Brian's group: Meet at Pixham club house at 7pm. This will be the same every week until the winter sessions start. Dave's group: The new mid-range track session - potentially being led by Kevin and/or Lou this week Nick's group: Meeting at Pixham Sports Ground at 7pm for a session to improve speed / speed endurance. All abilities welcome.

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