Training w/c 10 Sept

So we're now into Winter training mode. Ashcombe school has said we are still able to use their car park on a Tuesday but reminded us that they do have functions on regularly on a Tuesday and that parents' cars have priority over ours so please park considerately especially when it is busy and gather on the grassy area beside the entrance and not on the car park itself. They also pointed out that we are not allowed to train in the school grounds and this would include quick warm-up jogs etc so please do these out on the Ashcombe Road pavement if you need to. So to training...please remember to wear Hi Viz vests or tops and to carry a headtorch if venturing off-road Tuesday September 11th MEET AT ASHCOMBE SCHOOL FOR 7PM DEPARTURES UNLESS ADVISED OTHERWISE Janet's group: Janet or one of her erstwhile stand-ins Gail's group: 5-6 miles this week for the Wizlons (please bring a headtorch) Dave's group: a headtorch run for the Prof-iteroles John's group: The Jellymeister has planned a route 6.4 miles long going up and down Box Hill effectively one and a half times. He advises that EVERYONE on the run will need their OWN torch. For safety reasons John cannot take anyone on the run without their own torch. It’s the downhill sections which will need the torches more than the uphill. Howard's open group: This Tuesday Winter Training resumes for another year. Meet for 7pm at the main gates of Ashcombe school. (For those who haven’t been before you can park your car in the school car park). From the school we will cross Ashcombe Road, to Calvert Road, (off Ashcombe Road) which runs alongside Denbies' Vines. We will remain at this location for the whole session so no one will get left behind and it does not matter how fast or slow you are, you will not slow anyone down if that is a concern. Also being in one place if you want to take a breather and step out for a while that’s fine too. A head torch is not required as we are under street lighting however you will need some hi visibility clothing. We will be back at Ashcombe school for 8pm. The session for this week is; 1.Dynamic stretching. 2.Plyometrics – Sponge tag game. For this exercise one person starts off with the sponge which they use to tag other athletes by throwing it at their legs. When hit below the waist with the sponge you join that team who can pass the sponge among each other to tag. Everyone else is trying to avoid being tagged by the sponge, but must remain the set area,(about 20 metres square.) For first 15 seconds all are hopping on the left leg, next 15 seconds hopping on right leg. Then 15 seconds of bunny hops, followed by 1 minute skipping . Then 30 seconds of running. If anyone still remains untagged we go back to the hopping left leg 15 secs, then right leg 15 secs etc... 3. Back to Back with Partner. Partner with anybody. Start back to back half way up slope. The person facing up the slope starts off running hard, the person running down the slope goes at recovery pace. When they reach their respective turn round points at the top or bottom of the slope, the person who was running hard up the slope now jogs down at recovery pace. The person who was jogging down now runs hard up hill until they meet their partner. When meeting your partner turn 180 degrees back they way you came. Essentially, when you are going up the hill you will be running hard and when going down running easy. This is for 5 minutes. Then we will do a further 5 minutes with your partner but when going up the hill you will be recovering, and running hard on the down hill. Simples!! 4. Handicapped Shuttle Runs between the Trees – From start point everyone sets off together to collect a cone from in line with a tree. (Depending on how fast you run your cone may be at a tree either nearer or further away!) You pick up the cone and move it back putting it down in line with the next tree towards the start point, then continue back to the start. Repeat this until by way of shuttle runs you have moved the cone back to the start. 5. Hill Climbing Intervals Go full effort from foot of hill to first tree. Then walk back to start recovering. Go full pace 2 trees from foot of hill. Walk/jog back to start. Go full pace 3 tree from foot of hill. Walk/jog back to start. Go full pace 4 tree from foot of hill. Walk/jog back to start. Go full pace 5 trees from foot of hill. Walk/jog back to start. Go full pace to top of hill. Walk/jog back to start. Thursday September 13th MEET AT PIXHAM LANE CLUBHOUSE FOR 7PM DEPARTURES UNLESS ADVISED OTHERWISE Brian's group: Meet at Pixham clubhouse ready for warm up jog to where our quality session will take place. This will be the same throughout the winter excluding winter handicap nights where we would like to see everyone have a go and of course partake of the meal afterwards Dave's group: As usual The Prof will lead a group around the town for reps training no doubt including some favourite hills Nick's group: We will meet at Pixham Sports Ground at 7pm and run to Denbies for some short recovery repetition work. All abilities welcome 

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