TUESDAY 13th Janet's group: We will meet at Ashcombe at 7pm. We run around town for 4 to 5 miles. Leaders and routes vary. Please wear hi viz tops Gail's group: No word from Ms Wizlon but bank on a 7pm departure from Ashcombe with either Gail or her deputy, the Jellymeister, leading Dave's group: Business as usual for Dave and his gang – 7pm at Ashcombe; head torches and hi-viz advisable Howard's group: Training Tuesday 13.02.18 7pm at Rose Hill. Howard’s Group – All Standards Welcome. As usual we meet at the gates of Ashcombe School for 7pm. Or alternatively, running late etc you can meet directly at the venue which this week is Rose Hill. (The sheep field in the middle of Dorking with the road running round it, at the back of Sainsburys) We remain at this venue for the whole session. We will be returning back to Ashcombe School for 8.05pm The Session - 1.Dynamic Stretching. 2.Plyometrics – Sponge tag game. For this exercise one person starts off with the sponge which they use to tag other athletes by throwing it at their legs. When hit below the waist with the sponge you join that team who can pass the sponge among each other to tag. Everyone else is trying to avoid being tagged by the sponge, but must remain the set area, (about 20 metres square). For first 15 seconds all are hopping on the left leg, next 15 seconds hopping on right leg. Then 15 seconds of bunny hops, followed by 1 minute skipping . Then 30 seconds of running. If anyone still remains untagged we go back to the hopping left leg 15 secs, then right leg 15 secs etc... 3. Warm Up with - 10 mins Back to Back round the loop. This is with any partner. You start back to back running in the opposite direction round the loop. The person running anti clockwise runs hard, while the one running clockwise jogs at recovery pace. When you meet you both turn round 180 degrees, so the person running anti clockwise hard has now turned back the way they have just come and jogs at recovery pace, while the athlete who has been jogging has also turned back the way they have just come from but is now running hard until they once again meet their partner :) 4. Relays In teams of 3 or 4 – Team members spread out evenly spaced around the loop. Racing against other teams to complete 4 laps. 5. Bamboo Cane Sprints. Pair up with any partner, taking a bamboo cane between you. Each of you holds one end of the cane down to the side, and running behind each other up a 100 metre course. The person at the back can let go of the cane at any time, but when they do from that point it is a sprint to the finish line. The person at the front when they feel the cane dropping can also let go, allowing it to fall to the ground, while trying to hold off the attack from behind. Repeat 4 times with different partners ensuring 2 times holding cane in front, 2 times holding cane from behind. Cool Down jog back to Ashcombe School for 8.10pm finish. THURSDAY 15th Brian’s group: Meet at Pixham at 7:00 as usual and warm up jog to Marks & Spencer car park ready for the session. Everyone and anyone welcome Dave’s group: Training as usual from Pixham at 7pm Nick’s group: Meet at Pixham Sports Ground at 7pm Long warm up run to Tower Hill Drills & main session Warm down run back to Pixham All abilities welcome. 


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