TUESDAY 5th DECEMBER Howards Group Meeting at Ashcombe School at 7:00pm Many thanks to Nick for coaching you all for the past month while I have been away. This week we will be doing the session at Curtis road. (The one with Champions wood store). The weather is supposed to be cold but fine. Meet at the gates of Ashcombe School for 7pm as usual. All standards of runner are welcome as we go to one location and stay there so no one is left behind, and the exercises are time based so you can run as hard or easy as you like without effecting others. Back for 8pm. Dynamic Stretching. Short Intervals -Back to Back Pairs. Choose any partner. Start back to back, setting off together in the opposite direction towards the opposite ends of Curtis Road. Go round turnaround point back towards each other. The one runner runs hard, while their partner is jogging at recovery pace. When you meet your partner you both turn round 180 degrees. The one who was running hard will now be running at recovery pace, and their partner will now be running hard until they meet again, turn round 180 degrees and repeat... This is continuous for 10 minutes. Technical Bit!! - (Stride turnover rate.) (Present litriture generally regards Ideal stride frequency as being about 180 steps per minute. Take much less and you are probably over striding putting extra pressure on the knees, much more and you are probably not striding long enough which could be reducing your speed.) Run hard for 1 minute counting your steps. Stop and record number in book x 3. Rats and Rabbits - (This is speed reaction game) Get any partner, and stand back to back about 1 meter apart. One person is the Rat, the other the Rabbit. If ‘Rats’ are called, the rat has to run hard about 10 metres. The person who is the Rabbit at the same time ‘Rat’ is called has to turn round and try to lightly touch there partner before they cover the 10 metre to get away. Equally the instruction ‘Rabbits’ may be given in which case the person who is the rabbit will run hard to try to cover the 10 metres, while at the same time the person who is the rat has to turn round and give chase, again trying to lightly touch their partner before they cover the 10 meters and are safe. (you have to listen intently as you do not know if I will call ‘Rat’ or ‘Rabbit.’) We will do this 8 times changing partner after 4 goes From start point, run down Curtis Road as far as you can in 1 minute. (You will be called to STOP on the minute.) Make a mental note of the point. You will then have 1 minute’s recovery. You then turn round to try to get back from that point you stopped, to the start within a minute. The exercise is repeated, again. Again at 1 minute you will be told to STOP. Again a 1 minute recovery, followed by 1 minute to try to get back to the start. The next set is the same principle, but this time you run out from the start down Curtis Road for 45 seconds. STOP. Have 45 seconds recovery. You then have 45 seconds to get back to the start. ONLY ONCE. The 3rd set is from the start for 30 seconds, 30 seconds recovery, then 30 seconds to get back to the start. Repeat. The 4th and final set is 15 seconds out from the start. 15 seconds rest. Then 15 seconds to get back to the start. Repeat once more. Cool Down - Easy jog back to Ashcombe School for 8pm. _________________________________________________________________________ THURSDAY 7th DECEMBER Brian's Group Meeting at Pixham at 7:00 and warm up run to the old library. Quality session at the library all welcome. For those driving direct to the library don't forget to warm up before we start the session. Nick's Group Meeting at Pixham sports ground 7pm Running warm up to Parkway / Curtis Road for dynamic stretching Main session Jog warm down back to Pixham As with the Tuesday session ALL ABILITIES WELCOME. 

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