Track & Field for Boys! Ebbisham League - Match 2 - 10 June 2018

Just a reminder that there is the Ebbisham Match 2 next Sunday in Coulsdon. Thanks so far to Brady, Jake Carter, Justyn, Matt Metcalfe and Sam Moulder for putting themselves forward.

I would really love to hear from more boys who can they their hands at their faves or something out of their comfort zone. It's a lovely welcoming match and we compete in conjunction with Reigate athletics club. The boys score points for our club in whatever activity they participate in. Also their times etc are entered on to the Power of five.

Please click on Match 2 on the timetable and let me know what events your boys might like to compete in: track and field. It starts at 1pm and finishes around 5 although you need to be there about half hour before your chosen events.

I won't be there this time, but David Moore will be there with our flag.

I need to know by Tuesday evening (Tuesday 5th) to liaise with our Reigate counterpart. We will also need parent helpers for a couple of events.

Timetable of Events - CLICK HERE! Tab "Match 2"

Venue: WOODCOTE HIGH SCHOOL, Meadow Hill, Cousldon CR8 3HL

Thanks so much

Jacquie Moulder


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