This Week’s Training/ Bench to Bench

Tuesday June 26th Tuesday is the 2018 Bench to Bench run - starting 7pm SHARP - arrive early but please don't start early Some key points to note: Please wear your club vest – if you do not have one, please think about buying one for future club events, MABACs etc Some runners will do the whole 11 miles, some will turn back early, some will run back to the Wotton Hatch rather than Ranmore and others will run one way only - having first arranged a lift back from Leith Hill. YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES: CHOICE 1: Run with your usual group leader - who will navigate. Middle and fast groups will probably make it all the way to the tower bench. Other groups will probably turn back before the tower bench. If you might decide to leave your group on route, concentrate on the Choice 2 instructions. CHOICE 2: Run on your own If you know the route or will orienteer with the map, feel free to run it on your own. Print out and carry the attached map. If you get lost, you are on your own, no one will come looking for you. Some route marking might be disturbed by weather or members of the public. Tape and arrows will be cleared, starting from the Leith Hill end at 8.05pm Be absolutely sure of the right turn (off the bold track, onto the narrow path) at Warren Farm. TURN-AROUND AT 8PM - unless you know what you are doing. People have been known to arrive at Leith Hill in an hour, then take two more hours to get back. The final climb through the Ranmore trees will be dark just after 9pm - so carry a torch with your map if you plan to turn around after 8pm. If you turn around after 8pm, you are on your own and no one will come looking for you. Group leaders will adjust turn-around times to suit their runners on the evening. Messages from group leaders received thus far: Janet’s group There will be no-one in our group heading this up. Some people run to Leith Hill, some run to Leith Hill and then down to the Wotton Hatch and some do the whole 11 miles. People make their own arrangements re cars and lifts etc. Libby (and a few others) will be running the 9-mile route to the Wotton Hatch and she is happy for anyone who wants to join her to tag along. Take water as it looks like it's going to be a hot evening Nick’s group Nick is still injured but other leaders will be available if anyone wishes to run as part of a group to Leith Hill & back Thursday June 28th Brian's Group Meet at Pixham club house at 7pm. This will be the same every week until the winter sessions start. Everyone is welcome to join in. Nick’s group Meet at Pixham Sports Ground at 7pm for a Track session to improve speed / speed endurance. All abilities welcome


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