'The Dorking Tens' - Please Help Us to Promote the Club's Major Event of the Year!

The Dorking 10 and the Cockerel 10K on Sunday 3rd June

In the fervent hope that Spring is just around the corner, we now really need your help NOW to promote the Dorking Ten and Cockerel 10K throughout Surrey.

It is just over 8 weeks until our major event of the year and it is time to start promoting both races as hard as we can.

For the first time in 2018, the Dorking 10 miler will be joined by the Cockerel 10K, running on the same day and on much of the same scenic route as the Dorking 10. We are ambitiously targeting around 900 runners on the day, 600 for the Dorking 10 and 300 for the inaugural Cockerel 10K.

To reach that target we need the help of everyone in the Club to promote both races to friends, family and fellow runners across the South. The attached flyer - Please click here! is ideal for you to post on social media, pin on village noticeboards and to share with your running contacts. If you need hard copies, just let me know.

While we can be fairly certain of a good turnout for the Dorking 10, given its status as a Surrey Championship race, we are keen to promote the Cockerel 10K to a wider audience that includes recreational and social runners - those running in other 10K events and particularly those who take part in events like MABACs and Park Runs every week.

This is Where You Can Help!

We have 5,000 printed Dorking Tens flyers that we would like to give out to finishers of the various events and Park Runs that take place between now and June.

Do you attend or marshal at these events and could take some time to hand out leaflets at the finish?

Do you have wives, husbands and friends and family who accompany you to events but don't run themselves? -could they hand out some leaflets at the finish? Are you spectating or supporting the Club at running events where you could hand out leaflets? There are many opportunities to help us promote the Dorking Tens - I am sure you can think of many more!

Are you up for Helping?

If so, please send me an email or give me a call and l will get plenty of leaflets to you in time for the event you are attending. I will also have a box of flyers with me this evening at Ranmore to hand over to you prior to the run.

Many thanks.

Nick Sharples


07786 114 870

DMV Webpage: http://www.dorkingandmolevalleyac.org/d10

If you do not wish to receive such emails please contact Dorking and Mole Valley Athletics Club at zahrasharples@gmail.com

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