Has anyone watched the biathlon (cross country skiing + rifle shooting) at the Winter Olympics and thought it looked good fun? How would you fancy having a go at the summer version of it?

Now’s your chance as we’ve teamed up with Bookham Rifle Club to put on a Target Sprint Event down at Pixham Lane on Thursday 19 July.

So what is it?

It’s an event in which competitors use an air rifle to fire at targets over a 10m range, then having taken their shots, complete a 400m lap of the track before taking a second round of shots and then heading back out on the track for a second lap of 400m. Sounds pretty straightforward, but the trick is clearly to be calm enough for the shooting part, especially after having run a lap of the track. If anyone wants to see a few more details, have a look at

For our event on 19 July, the shooting part will take place in an enclosed area (apart from the area at the opposite end from the targets where spectators will be able to watch and admire the shooting capabilities of the participants) and will be run under the supervision of the team at Bookham Rifle Club - a number of us went down to the Rifle Club recently and have carried out the necessary risk assessment to convince ourselves that it’s all safe!!

The event itself will be open to all club members (including juniors who are U15 or above) and will be run in waves of up to 5 participants at 15 minute intervals. The first wave will go off at 7.00pm having had a 15 minute briefing and training session in advance (i.e. from 6.45pm); the last wave will probably be around 8.30pm

it would be great to have as many people taking part, so if you’re up for trying something new that’s fun and exciting, please let me know by emailing me at, together with any preference for timing of the wave you’d like to be in.

I will pull together the timetable and post on Facebook and the website a couple of days in advance so please drop me a line as soon as possible if you’re up for this.

Any questions, please let me know.


P.S. Training will take place as per normal, so feel free to take part in the event and train that evening!!!!

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