SURREY ROAD LEAGUE 2018 - Ladies & Men

The Surrey Road League consists of seven races and there are separate competitions for men's and women's teams, senior men and women, men over 40, over 50 and over 60 and women over 35, over 45 and over 55.Entry to the League is free of charge but all runners must enter the races as normal and pay the organisers' entry fees.

The first race of the 2018 Surrey Road League is the Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon which takes place on Sunday 6th May. This race incorporates the county Half Marathon Championship. Entry details are here:

The full list of League races for 2018 is as follows:

Richmond Half Marathon Sunday 6th May

Sutton 10km Sunday 20th May

Dorking 10 miles Sunday 3rd June

Richmond 10km Sunday 17th June

SLH Elmore 7 miles Saturday 14th July

Elmbridge 10km Sunday 22nd July

Wimbledon 5km Sunday 12th August

With seven events in the League, it will be the best five scores to count.

The Richmond Half Marathon, Dorking 10m, Richmond 10km and Wimbledon 5km will also serve as county championships.

The Surrey Athletics website shows all entry details currently available:

Please remember that at some time prior to the first race the clubs taking part must let me have the names of any second-claim members who are likely to enter League races under the name of their first-claim club. Second-claimers are eligible for the League provided that their first claim club is not taking part.

The county road relay championships do not form part of the League but they will be held over the usual course from Wimbledon Park on Saturday 15th September.

Please contact Lou and Bruce if you are interested!

DMV Points of Contact:

Ladies: Lou

Men: Bruce

Club Webpage:

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