Surrey League XC - Saturday 11th November 1430hrs Richmond Park

Reasons to be happy - Surrey League XC - Saturday 11th November, 2.30 pm, Richmond Park! Senior Men


Part 1 - We have XC on Saturday!

Quick notes for Saturday Surrey League Cross-Country

Where? Richmond Park (TW10 5HS) - About 100m from the entrance to Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, across the road from Broomfield Hill car park. 

When? 1430hrs start, but please let’s meet at the DMV banner, close to start, BEFORE 1400hrs PLEASE - we all need to warm up and scare the other teams with our physical prowess at the FRONT of the start line!

How far is it? 5 miles in total over two laps

How do I get there? Car parking will be difficult as ever - remember last year!!! Organiser advises: Please share cars or use public transport where possible. Free parking is available at Broomfield Hill car park (5-7 minutes’ walk from the Start/Finish area). Free parking is also available at Robin Hood and Kingston Gate car parks (20 mins approx walk from the Start/Finish area).

I intend to travel by train to Richmond, with it being a less than 30mins walk/ warm up to the start.

Possible trains: 

1) Dorking - departs 1204hrs, [Lhd 1211hrs], to Clapham Junction (arrive 1245) - then 1258 to Richmond 1306hrs. I will be catching this train from Lhd, 2nd carriage from rear of train…thus time for pre-race coffee!

2) D: 1234hrs -[Lhd 1241hrs] to Clap Jtcion (arrive1315hrs) - to leave at 1328hrs, arrives Richmond at 1336hrs…

Remember if three or more buying tickets at same time, you can claim a "Group" discount! 

Who? I am assuming the following: Nick H, Nick S, Glenn M, Gaz M, Mike A (may be), Kev S, Stuart, Sir JJ, Greg, Chris L, Dan, RobG, Rob R, Kev I, StephenP (injury depending), Richard G, Chris R, Gareth, Bruce, Paul A, Patrick, Fraser, me,….and Charlie has confirmed!! A good start, but who have I missed off?

Not available with apologies: Lawrence (looking after Boys XC at Mitcham Common), Graham T, Mark P and Chris B who remain injured. Also, recall that Rob Mc & Howard are away.

What else? This is normally a quick course, and certainly three weeks ago we wore trail shoes comfortably, but bring short spikes just in case….

…and oh yes, being happy:

Part 2 - We won two team (including a gold) and one individual medal at the Surrey Masters XC; 

Part 3 - We gained historic glory at the Reigate XC Relays Saturday XC Historic Glory!!!! Yoh!

and Part 4 - we might be the bottom of Division 2 at the moment, but we have three races to rebound!, with a strong team for this Saturday Yoh!

Let’s run hard!

Best regards


Team Captain - Senior Men

Dorking & Mole Valley AC

David Moore

+44 (0) 7894 553220

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