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Dear all,

Welcome to the track and field season in the UK!!! It can be warm and sunny and I have evne known it to be hot.

Well done to all those who turned out today to compete in the first Ebbisham league competition at Epsom today. Despite extremely cold conditions the athletes showed immense resilience and produced some very good results. Thanks also to the team managers Jacquie and David and of course the parents.

Tomorrow I intend running the training session as normal even though the weather forecast for the day is pretty poor ! Please ensure that your child comes in appropriate clothing.

I plan to run the session as follows:

1.) Discussion about track & field etiquette and health and safety guidelines. (5 mins) 2.) Brief outline of how track and field training will be organised. ( 5 mins)

3.) Running based activities on the track. ( 40 mins) 4.) Strength and conditioning exercises ( 15 mins)

5.)Stretching (inside - 5 mins)

6.) Feedback from those athletes who competed yesterday and discussion about forthcoming events. ( 10 mins)

By spending a bit more time than usual inside I am hoping that we will be able to bear the rather wintry conditions that have been forecast and also impart some important information to the athletes.

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P.S. Message from David M - hoping to upload some pictures from todays event to the Ebbisham League webpage as soon as possible + to FB

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