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Dear all, Please be advised that the last training session before Christmas will be on Monday 11th December. Coaches will lead the group on run around the town. Athletes may adorn themselves with a piece of tinsel and/or Christmas hat but still need to be wearing appropriate running clothes and footwear and MUST be wearing their hi-viz vest. This will be followed by a drink of squash and a few snacks back at the club house. We will finish at the normal time of 19.45. There will be no training for my group over the Christmas period, but I am happy to advise athletes on what they can do to stay fit during this time and would encourage them to get out and run whenever they can. I will be out for short run on Christmas Day morning and would encourage athletes to do likewise. There may be a small reward if you have parental validation of having gone for a run on Christmas day. I would also encourage athletes to take part in the Holly Run at Reigate Priory on Sunday 17th December. Do not be deceived by the name of the run - this is a tough but none-the-less rewarding run. Unfortunately, I am not available to compete on this day but there will be others from DMVAC. Look out for the flag!! Entries are on line at www.rpac.org.uk Race times and distances are: 11.10 - U13 G - 2 miles 11.30 - U13B - 2 miles 11.50 - U15/17 G - 3 miles 12.15 - U15/U17B - 3 miles Good luck to anyone who decides to run. First session back after Christmas will be Monday 8th January. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Rachel 

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