Our New Senior Men's Captain!

Dear All,

It is with great pleasure to announce that Bruce Harrold has agreed to become the DMV Senior Men's Captain, and with no doubt he will be carrying forward the Captain’s Baton at a significantly faster pace than me!

For me, it has been an undoubted honour, with the commitment, camaraderie, pure effort, and even a dash of speed from the Gents being truely excellent! Ok, the team’s progress in the Surrey XC League during this period can only be described as “pyramidal”, but we had two fantastic seasons of winning Divisions 3 and 2 as clear Champions, with an average DMV turnout of just under 29 runners per race, and a “burgundy bulk” at the front of each start line which simply intimidated the other teams. Halcyon days indeed!

This was followed by a rather too brief sojourn in the hallowed Division 1, proceeded by a rapid, although gallant, return from whence we came over the next two years. But wow, what a journey, and it has been an absolute pleasure and joy to see and experience our team spirit, and to witness those “Brave Heart” / “eye balls out” performances, whatever the weather and whatever the position of the DMV runner. Further, during this period, we have done well at the Surrey Vets level, including the retaining of the V50 Champs in 2017, and it has been very pleasing that our younger gentlemen are starting to progress to the senior ranks with such enthusiasm and ability; long may this continue to ensure the future of our Club. I am proud to be part of the DMV Senior Men's team.

Enough of my drivel, so suffice to say an enormous “Best Wishes” to Bruce, and I am sure that with his clear passion, commitment and knowledge of the Club, combined with our support, the next stage in the DMV Senior Men's Journey will be a Great one!

Thank you for your wonderfully kind support, especially when answering my desperate last minute appeals for runners, and looking forward to running for Bruce’s team next season!


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