Updated: Nov 27, 2018

=========================== Folks, A few quick things by way of an update and a request for support.

1. Coaching I’m sure you will all have read the excellent email that Fran and the Coaching team sent out about the reasons why they enjoy coaching at the club and their request for more people to get involved. Thanks to those of you who have already got in touch with Fran to express an interest in getting more involved - it’s very much appreciated. The reality is that we still need more people to help the coaches out, whether it’s on the coaching side or with the admin that needs to be done - all help is welcome and will really take the pressure of the coaches and enable them to focus on what they do really well: coach and help people get the most of the wonderful sport we’re all part of.  Also, it doesn’t matter if at this point in time you can’t commit to help every single week; if enough people offer to help it should be possible to set up a rota. The club relies on volunteers to help keep it successful and if you’re able to invest just a bit of spare time, it’ll make a big difference so please drop Fran a line ( to find out how you can see what it’s like before committing.

2. Competing Well done to everyone who competed and supported in the various Cross Country League races on Saturday and the MABAC on Sunday.  It was very pleasing to have two full scoring Senior Mens teams in our bid to get back into Division 2 (we’re in a promotion slot after Race 1), whilst the Ladies team also put in a strong performance in their Division 2 match with a full scoring team. Team spirit at both events was high, and it would be wonderful to see even more people running in DMVAC kit at the next match on Saturday 10 November. Both matches are close by (Ladies at Nonsuch Park, Men at Epsom Downs) so you won’t have to battle with South London traffic this time!! 

It was however a bit disappointing that we only had two runners in the Girls race and two in the Boys race this weekend - I’d really like to see more Juniors competing for the club and making the most of the hard work that they put in during training sessions. For anyone (Senior or Junior) who's a little intimidated by the thought of running in the Surrey League, don’t be! Whilst it’s obviously pretty serious stuff at the sharp end, there’s a wide range of abilities and if you’ve run in and enjoyed the MABAC, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy the XC League - keep your eyes peeled for information about the next race and block off the date in your diary now!

Talking of MABAC, it’s great to see us extending our lead at the top of the MABAC league table - well done to everyone, especially those who were racing for the second time that weekend or for whom it was their first race in club colours.

3. Committee Changes - Chair and Club Secretary

I also wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know that I’ve decided not to put myself forward for re-election as Chair(man) of the Club at the AGM next March - work has suddenly got a whole lot busier and with other commitments, I know I won’t be able to put the time in to do the job as well as you all deserve which means we’ll be looking for someone to take on the role from April onwards. It’s worth noting that despite the fact that the club has more female members than male members, there’s never been a female Chair so it would be great to change this in April but please don’t let this put any men from thinking about it either!! So, if you fancy picking up the reins and becoming Chair, and want a chat about what it involves, please drop me a line at

Also, Stuart Prentice has decided (for similar reasons) not to stand for re-election as Club Secretary so if you’re interested in finding out a bit more about the role, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Stuart.

Cheers, Lawrence

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