MABAC - Relays & BBQ

Ken Saunders (Mabac Chairman) is planning to reintroduce the Pairs Relay & BBQ this August but only if there is enough support from the individual clubs. 

This is a free social event and not part of the League program. It will be held at the Matthew Arnold School in Staines with the race starting at 11am followed by a BBQ from 12noon onwards.

The race consists of a 10k relay race with teams of 2 and with each person running a 1k lap alternately. The teams can be all male, all female or mixed, and junior runners are also very welcome - in fact not all that long ago a junior team nearly won.

At the pointy end of the race it is usually very competitive while further down the field it is slightly more relaxed.

Entry is all on the day in the hour before the race, and if you don't have a partner then you can nearly always find someone from another club to run with.

Following the race there will be a BBQ with drinks and salads and side dishes all provided. All you need to do is provide your own meat to BBQ.

Please could you let John Barron ( know if you are likely to come to this event, as whether or not it goes ahead depends very much on the likely level of support. Also if you have any queries about the event then please send them to John as above.

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