London and Brighton


Message from Stuart Prentice

The club has two places for the 2018 London Marathon and ten places for the 2018 Brighton Marathon. The draw for these places will be held at Pixham Lane on Thursday 14th December after the Christmas run through town.

The rules to enter these draws are as follows:

- Applicant must have been a first claim member of the club since at least December 2016.

- Applicant must not have received a club marathon place in 2016 or 2017 races.

- Applicants for the London Marathon draw must have unsuccessfully entered the main ballot for London Marathon places. (Note there is no equivalent requirement for the Brighton Marathon draw.)

- Applicant must hold a current UK Athletics licence.

Please note that the successful applicants will still have to pay the marathon organisers for their place. The draws will be held in the following order:

1. London Marathon (2 draws)

2. Brighton Marathon (10 draws)

3. London Marathon reserve place (1 draw)

4. Brighton Marathon reserve place (1 draw)

Anyone wishing to enter should email Stuart Prentice ( before 10th December. Please include the following:

- Which marathon (or both) you wish to enter the draw for

- UK Athletics licence number

- Applicants for London marathon places to include rejection email from the main ballot.

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