Updated: Oct 6, 2018

At DMVAC we have limited resourses with regards to coaches, however those that we have are devoted to the cause. We give our time and effort to teaching and supporting our club members. 

So why do we do this? Here are some of the reasons we’d say:

It’s just so rewarding.

Learning how to coach, gaining knowledge and understanding the physical and mental aspects of the sport. 

Sharing your views and ideas with other coaches. 

Watching athletes on TV where you understand the technique and appreciate how much training the professions put into their training and their life styles.

Seeing the fruits of your labour when a person starts at the club as a new runner and then blossoms taking on challenges like their first 10k. 

Seeing 8-11 year olds join the club and watching them learn how to run properly, how to balance their coordination for jump and throwing events. 

Seeing them laugh as they play at their sport.

Seeing the junior athletes taking that step further and start to train harder, watching and helping them realise which event/distance is for them. 

Encouraging them to compete and realise their capabilities. 

Witnessing goals being met and seeing their faces light up.  

Watching young people in Sportshall competitions and training working hard together as a team cheering for one another on, having fun and celebrating results. 

Seeing your athlete wearing a medal around their neck, knowing that you helped them achieve that goal.

Co-ordinating the fun and banter on those running sessions around the town and up Ranmore or Leith Hill.

Seeing all ages, juniors and adults, running around our track together.

Hearing the laughter and seeing the smiles when they finish a session successfully. 

It’s fantastic to see the club support when a runner either falls or fails. 

Seeing the effort put in a circuit session, the eagerness to want more.

Seeing an athlete grown in strength and in character, witnessing that proud moment when a family member acknowledges their loved ones success, that tear in their eyes.

The appreciation the  “Thank you” that you receive when a training session finishes.

Those DMVAC web page and Facebook results, comments and photos where you see the club's activities being promoted knowing that you were a part in creating fun and success for our club.

Announcing that we have athletes representing Surrey County.

So we need your help!

We need more people to help us deliver our training and coaching sessions - it doesn’t matter whether you have previous experience. If you are a positive person, have a couple of hours a week to give and are willing to turn your hand to help your help will be gratefully received. 

Please come along and watch the coaches in action, and have a chat with them. You never know; you might find your niche and be as fulfilled as we are when we deliver our sessions. We are a growing club, but without more coaches and helpers we will be restricted to how far we go and what we can offer.

Please contact Fran ( if you are interested in joining the team

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