Howard's Training Group - Tuesday 20th Feb - 7pm - ALL ABILITIES  WELCOME

Meeting at Ashcombe School - 7pm

Excellent effort by those who did last week's training at Rose Hill. This week we will be at the old Dorking library building, which is situated behind the council office off the High Street. The weather is supposed to be mild. We will be finished and back at Ashcombe school by 8pm As usual we will be based at the one location so no one gets left behind and the session is suitable for all standards.

The session.

Warm up jog from Ashcombe School to old Dorking Library building.

1. Dynamic stretching.

2.Plyometrics – Sponge tag game. For this exercise one person starts off with the sponge which they use to tag other athletes by throwing it at their legs. When hit below the waist with the sponge you join that team who can pass the sponge among each other to tag. Everyone else is trying to avoid being tagged by the sponge, but must remain the set area,( about 20 metres square.) For first 15 seconds all are hopping on the left leg, next 15 seconds hopping on right leg. Then 15 seconds of bunny hops, followed by 1 minute skipping . Then 30 seconds of running. If anyone still remains untagged we go back to the hopping left leg 15 secs, then right leg 15 secs etc...

3. Pyramid. Run hard for 1 minute (and record how many times you have got round library.)

Run hard for 2 minutes, (Record number of times round.)

Run hard for 3 minutes. (Record)

Run hard for 4 minutes (Record)

Run hard for 5 minutes. (Record number of times round.)

Then work back down to one minute recording results.

4. Mental Toughness. -Pair up with someone of similar speed. Set off together running for 1 minute round library, the object being for the faster of you to get two sides of the library clear of your partner. If you are the slower of two, your object is to keep with your partner for the minute or stop them getting the two sides of the building advantage. X2.

Jog Back to Ashcombe School for 8pm.

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