Howard's Training for Tuesday 6th - All are Welcome!

Tuesday 06/03/18 7pm Ashcombe School. Howard’s Group, Session will be at ROSE HILL.

Well done to those hardy athletes who did the Tour of Dorking last week. This Tuesday after the cold of last week the weather is set to be positively tropical!. It is forecast for 5 degrees at 7pm, with a dry evening after a mostly wet morning and afternoon. This week we are going to be training at ROSE HILL (the road running round the Sheep Field in middle of Dorking behind Sainsburys.) We will be leave Aschcombe school gates for 7pm and return back for 8.10pm, As always these sessions are open to All.

1.Dynamic Stretching.

2.Plyometrics – Sponge tag game. For this exercise one person starts off with the sponge which they use to tag other athletes by throwing it at their legs. When hit below the waist with the sponge you join that team who can pass the sponge among each other to tag. Everyone else is trying to avoid being tagged by the sponge, but must remain the set area, ( about 20 metres square.) For first 15 seconds all are hopping on the left leg, next 15 seconds hopping on right leg. Then 15 seconds of bunny hops, followed by 1 minute skipping . Then 20 seconds of running. If anyone still remains untagged we go back to the hopping left leg 15 secs, then right leg 15 secs etc...

3. Warm Up with - 8 mins Back to Back round the loop. - (This is with any partner. Start back to back running in the opposite direction round the loop. The person running anti clockwise runs hard, while the one running clockwise jogs at recovery pace. When you meet you both turn round 180 degrees, so the person running anti clockwise hard has now turned back the way they have just come and jogs at recovery pace, while the athlete who has been jogging has also turned back the way they have just come but is now running hard until they once again meet their


4. Rats and Rabbits - (This is speed reaction game) Get any partner, and stand back to back about 1 meter apart. One person is the Rat, the other the Rabbit. If ‘Rats’ are called, the rat has to run hard about 10 metres. The person who is the Rabbit at the same time ‘Rat’ is called has to turn round and try to lightly touch there partner before they cover the 10 metre to get away. Equally the instruction ‘Rabbits’ may be given in which case the person who is the rabbit will run hard to try to cover the 10 metres, while at the same time the person who is the rat has to turn round and give chase, again trying to lightly touch their partner before they cover the 10 meters and are safe. (you have to listen intently as you do not know if I will call ‘Rat’ or ‘Rabbit.’) We will do this 8 times changing partner after 4 goes.

5. Last Person Standing!– Speed endurance intervals. (16 minutes.) In this session the athletes have a minute to reach a certain point around the loop of Rose Hill. This will include any recover before the whistle goes again for the next minute, when the athletes have to make it to the next set point. There is two options regarding the points to run to. For the faster runner there will only be 2 points, so they will effectively complete each lap in 2 minutes. As we are doing this exercise for 16 minutes they will cover 8 circuits of Rose Hill in the time. The second option is the 3 stop strategy. This group will effectively cover a lop of Rose Hill in 3 minutes. This group will complete 4 and a third laps. The idea is to run hard between the points to give as long a recover before having to run hard again. If you start on two stops but want to change groups as the going gets tougher that is fine as is sitting out a lap to catch your breath.

Cool down jog back to Ashcombe School for 8.10pm

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