Attached are the results of the March Handicap race, the final race of the Winter series, with 23 members of the club taking part plus another 7 from Reigate Priory. Also attached are the final League tables for the men's and women's competitions, and many congratulations to Cath Bate and Joe Edwards for winning these competitions. Both leagues were very close at the top right until the end.

Many thanks to all those helping to run the event in all weathers throughout the Winter - at the finish Graham Taylor, Brian James and John Jelly plus out on the course Chris Brown, Fran Afonso and Patrick Martin. John J also set up the course before each race. Last but not least thanks to Elizabeth Horner and Alan Waring and Martin & Louise Schlaeppi for providing the excellent suppers after each race.

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Provisional results for March 18

Provisional Final Table

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