Dear All,

We have had a good response to our calls for help at the Dorking Tens on June 3rd and have pretty much filled up all the roles at Race HQ and at the Start and Finish. We also have about two-thirds of the marshals we need already recruited however we do still need another 10 people or so to be out on the course.

The long and short of it is that we can have as many people at Race HQ as we like but, if we don’t have sufficient marshals on the course, we will have to cancel the whole event. Clearly that is unthinkable, so we are asking yet again for people to offer a few hours of their time on (and almost guaranteed to be sunny) Sunday morning to support the club’s biggest event of the year.

You may have it in your head that you are going to offer to help but haven’t gotten around to it – please get around to it! We need to know sooner rather than later.

You may have it in your head that it is difficult or you need some special qualification – you do not - it is not difficult! All that is required is a sunny disposition and the ability to point and cheer people on.

You may think that the club is only there to provide you or your children with the opportunity to run. Whilst it certainly provides those opportunities it is also a club that relies on volunteers to make it work. Step up! Discover the warm, rosy glow and sense of well-being you get from putting something back in.

Please get in touch with David Phillips this week if at all possible. You will reduce the strain on him (and the rest of the organising team) no end if you do.

All we can offer is our thanks - Oh and a free t-shirt, bottle of water and a Zoot bar all handsomely clad in a Fitstuff goody bag

Contact Dave on

Thank you

The Dorking Tens team

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