DMV Coaching - Seniors - w/c 6 May 19

Tuesday May 7th - Ranmore

Brian & Caroline's walking group

Gayle's group

Elizabeth's group: 

The Turtles will be heading towards Polesden and doing 4.5 - 5 miles

Janet's group: 

A 5.5 mile run is planned for this week.  Undulating again

Gail's group: 

Staying Ranmore side this week for a run of just over 6 miles out to Blatchford Down, with a loop through Old Simm’s Copse and back through woods to Ranmore Road. Less undulating this week to take account of 10ks & half taking place at weekend. All good paths so trail/road shoes will be OK

David's group: 

John Jelly is leading this week with a run of around 7 miles

Nick's group: 

As previously, Nick, Glen, Heather & Gaz will be working together to take 3 groups out from Ranmore on Tuesday. The plan is to steadily increase the mileage / speed each week in preparation for the annual bench to bench

Thursday 9th May - Meet at Pixham Lane clubhouse for 7pm warm up

Brian's group: 

Meet at Pixham club house at 7pm. This will be the same every week until the winter sessions start.

David's group:

Track session at an interim pace between Brian's and Nick's groups

Nick's group: 

We will meet at Pixham Sports Ground at 7pm for some drills & track work.

All abilities welcome!


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