DMC Coaching - Seniors w/c 15 Apr

Woop woop - it's Ranmore time on Tuesday! Meet at the Ranmore Road car park (the first one from Dorking end) ready for 7pm departures. Given it is still early in the season you may wish to consider a head torch.

Brian's & Caroline's power walking group

Gayle's group: Gayle is not available this week so her group is invited to join Elizabeth's group

Elizabeth's group:

Janet's group: This group will be taken by a different person each week on various routes and  distances.  Always undulating! We will start this first week with a steady run of about 4.5 miles and plan to be back at Steers Field in daylight!.

After that, the mileage (and time out) gradually increases so that we are ready for the Friday Street run in June/July (9 miles) and also the Club organised Bench to Bench run (11 miles - with options to run shorter distances): 

The plan is:

April  -      4.5 to 5 miles  

May -       5 to 7 miles  

June -      7 to 9 miles and  Bench to Bench (5.5/; 9 or 11 mile options) 

July -        6 - 9 miles

August -   6 to 7 miles

Sept -       5 miles

Gail's group: is taking a break for a few weeks. Give The Prof's or Janet’s group a try

Dave's group: John Jelly is leading this week. He will be leading a 7-mile run with 3 significant hills.  Although off-road for the whole run, road shoes will be fine if you prefer them as the ground is relatively dry at the moment.  As it is 7 miles it might be a shade dark towards the end so a headtorch in the hand is worth a fall in the bush

Nick's group: Nick, Glenn, Heather & Gaz will be working together to take 2 groups out from Ranmore on Tuesday. The plan is to steadily increase the mileage / speed each week in preparation for the annual bench to bench run

Thursday April 18th 


Brian's group: Meet at Pixham at 7:00 for some training on the field

Dave's group: The Prof may still be injured; if he cannot lead a run round the town please join either Brian's or Nick's group

Nick's group: We will meet at Pixham Sports Ground at 7pm & then run to the Nower for some drills & short recovery repetition work.

All abilities welcome!

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