Club Training - Tues 9th and Thurs 11th!

TUESDAY 9th JANUARY JANET'S GROUP MEET AT ASHCOMBE AT 7:00pm Janet's group (the slower group) will meet at Ashcombe on Tuesday at 7pm to do a 4 to 5 mile run around town. Leaders and routes vary. HOWARD'S GROUP MEET AT ASHCOMBE AT 7:00pm Well done to all those who took part in last week’s session, really good effort put in by all. This Tuesday 7pm once again we meet at the gates of Ashcombe school. From here we will cross Ashcombe Road, to Calvert Road, (off Ashcombe Road) which runs along side Denbies Vines. We will remain at this location for the whole session. We will be back at Ashcombe school for 8pm. The session for this week is; Dynamic stretching. Handicapped Shuttle Runs between the Trees – From start point everyone sets off together to collect a cone from in line with a tree. (Depending on how fast you run your cone may be at a tree either nearer or further away!) You pick up the cone and move it back putting it down in line with the next tree towards the start point, then continue back to the start. Repeat this until by way of shuttle runs you have moved the cone back to the start. Rats and Rabbits - (This is speed reaction game) Get any partner, and stand back to back about 1 meter apart. One person is the Rat, the other the Rabbit. If ‘Rats’ are called, the rat has to run hard about 10 metres. The person who is the Rabbit at the same time ‘Rat’ is called has to turn round and try to lightly touch there partner before they cover the 10 metre to get away. Equally the instruction ‘Rabbits’ may be given in which case the person who is the rabbit will run hard to try to cover the 10 metres, while at the same time the person who is the rat has to turn round and give chase, again trying to lightly touch their partner before they cover the 10 meters and are safe. (you have to listen intently as you do not know if I will call ‘Rat’ or ‘Rabbit.’) We will do this 8 times changing partner after 4 goes. Team Speed Work – Get into teams of 4 of any ability. Athletes 1 and 2 start on start line. Two trees distance up the road is athlete 3, and a further two trees distance on up the road is athlete 4. Both 1 and 2 set off sprinting together, but athlete will be sprinting six trees distance up the road, while athlete 2 stops when they reach athlete 3 who takes over to athlete 4 in a relay style. Athlete 1 and 4 jog back to the start, while athletes 2 and 3 remains at the point they got to. 1 and 4 then set off together sprinting up the road but this time 4 runs six trees distance, while athlete 1 only runs two trees tagging athlete 2, who runs 2 trees tagging athlete 3 who sprints two trees then jogs back to the start with athlete 4, Repeat....Simples!!!!!Jog back to Ashcombe School for 8pm ========================== THURSDAY 11th JANUARY BRIAN'S GROUP MEET AT PIXHAM AT 7:00pm Warm up jog to Marks & Spencer car park. Those going straight from home to the car park warm up ready to start the session. NICK'S GROUP MEET AT PIXHAM AT 7:00pm Running warm up to Knoll Road for Dynamic stretching Main session Jog warm down to Pixham ALL ABILITIES WELCOME - HEADTORCHES RECOMMENDED FRAN'S GROUP MEET AT ST MARTIN'S AT 7:00pm The training sessions for young athletes (U15 and U13) for the January sports hall competition are now set Dates for your diary Thursday 11th January 7:00 to 8:30 at St Martin’s School Thursday 18th January 7:00 to 8:30 at St Martin’s School Thursday 25th January 7:00 to 8:30 at St Martin’s School Competition : Sunday 28th January GUILDFORD SPECTRUM. 

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