TUESDAY 16th JAN JANET'S GROUP MEET AT ASHCOMBE AT 7:00pm Janet's group (the slower group) will meet on Tuesday at 7pm to do a 4 to 5 mile run around town. Leaders and routes vary. HOWARD'S GROUP MEET AT ASHCOMBE AT 7:00pm (All Abilities Welcome) Well done to those who did the training last Tuesday and managed to work out the complexities of the sprint relays. This week we are meeting at the gates of Ashcombe School as usual for 7pm from where we will jog to the old library building. (This is the stand alone building with a road going round at the rear of Dorking council offices) Here we will be based for the whole session, returning to Ashcombe School for 8pm. The weather forecast for the evening is to be dry but cloudy, about 4 degrees. Perfect for training! The Session. 1. Dynamic Stretching. 2. Plymetric cone game. Two teams, half the cones are face up, half face down. Within 5 minutes your team has to hop skip and jump between the comes to turn as many your teams way as possible. 3. - 5 minutes - (jog round library 2 laps.) First side run hard, jog next 3 sides x2. (Run 2 sides hard jog 2 sides x2). Run 3 sides hard, one side jog x2. (Two laps hard all the way round). Repeat until end of the 5 minutes. 4. Cats and Mice - Partner up with someone who runs at a similar speed to yourself. Decide which of the two of you is the faster. (This is the cat!) The slower of the two of you is the mouse. The cat starts and 2 seconds later the mice start in the same direction. The cat has to break away from the mice and run all the way round the library to catch the mouse within 5 minutes. The mouse has to run fast enough to stop this happening. If within the 5 minutes the cat has caught up they have won. If the mouse stays away for the 5 minutes they have won. 5. Change partners and repeat above Cats and Mouse game with your new partner for another 5 minutes. 5. Handicapped Relays - Getting into teams of 3. Each team member completes one lap of the library before tagging team mate for them to go. Repeat so each person completes 3 loops. Jog back to Ashcombe School for 8pm. ============== THURSDAY 18th JAN FRAN'S GROUP MEET AT St MARTINS SCHOOL AT 7:00pm For Sports Hall athletes and any other DMVAC Under 13 & Under 15 athletes Training sessions for the January sports hall competition:- Thursday 18th January 7:00 to 8:30 at St Martin’s School Thursday 25th January 7:00 to 8:30 at St Martin’s School Competition : Sunday 28th January GUILDFORD SPECTRUM. BRIAN'S GROUP No training this week as it's the January winter handicap (a week earlier than usual) so next week we will be at the old library, but not this week. All come along to the handicap there is no need to feel under pressure just relax and enjoy it. Brian NICK'S GROUP No training this Thursday due to the handicap. 

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