This event has been cancelled due to the weather. If anyone would like to do an informal easy group run around the park at 11 on Sunday if travel and the weather is not in fact adverse anyway get in touch. I will hope to be there at 10.50 on Sunday to meet anyone who arrives having not heard about the cancellation or for a run about. Confirmation is on the website RPAC stated their reasons: dramatic change of weather conditions. Prevailing conditions carry a Yellow Weather Warning up to and including Sat 3rd March, the eve of the race. The current BBC forecast for Sunday is “sleet and breezy” with a 41% chance of precipitation and a temperature range of 4 - 5 degrees deterioration of course conditions affecting welfare of runners. Inspection of the course today reveal large parts of it under snow and ice which will not necessarily thaw in time. Frozen ground would prevent us from erecting course signage (identified as necessary on the RA) and unacceptably increases the risk of injury to anyone falling through sliding or contact with sledgers making incursions on the course. We do have a responsibility too towards other park users legitimately making use of this public space welfare of helpers. Understandably we could not now guarantee a full complement of helpers (identified as necessary on the RA), some of whom would come in from outlying areas. It is not reasonable for Marshals etc to risk hypothermia remaining static for up to 1 hour or so in low temperatures." Best wishes, and any queries to

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