Bruce's Briefing - 9 Jan 19

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

I am writing to you as either a confirmed runner for Saturday at Oxshott or as someone who has previously competed this season and not ruled yourself out...or might be tempted to "Give it a Try"!

I have attached the official race instructions - which are not entirely correct.  The parking situation at Oxshott station has changed.  It is still the most convenient place to park, but it is no longer free of charge.  I have been informed it now costs £4 for an all day ticket.  There are a number of smaller free car parks surrounding Oxshott heath that can be used. But it is likely you will need to pay £4 to park at the station if you cannot find a free space elsewhere. 

I will look to arrive at 13:45 and would suggest everyone aims to arrive by 14:00. Previous race results are here

Take a look at which clubmate was ahead of you last time and try to beat them on Saturday..

For those that fancy it, we will go for a post-race debrief in The Victoria in Oxshott village.

Thanks and see you on Saturday Bruce

07449 453773

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